Wii U Repair


Do you have a Wii U? Great device, for the adults and the kids!  So what do you if you accidentally break it or it stop working for some reason?  Well don’t go out and buy another one, at least try to fix it first!  Trust us, it’s cheaper.

If you are in need of a Wii U repair, we are sorry to hear about your misfortune.  We can help fix that situation so you and your family can be enjoying your Wii U in no time.  Just bring in your device to one of our 2 Las Vegas locations below and let us take a look at it.  Rest assured knowing that when you go with Go Gadgets, you’re going with the top gadget repair store in all of Las Vegas.

Paradise Location:
5030 Paradise Road Suite B-202
Las Vegas 89119

Decatur Location:
Monday through Sunday 10AM til 7PM
633 N Decatur Blvd Suite G
Las Vegas 89108