What are the top 6 advantages of having a smartphone in this day and age?


Smartphones are the wave of the future, and now more and more people are being tempted by the wide range of economical and luxury options and are trading in their old flip phones for these feature-heavy models.  Are you on the fence about getting one?  Do you have one that you only use for taking calls?  You’re selling yourself short by not using a smartphone to its fullest capability.

Here’s some advantages that smartphones can give you:


You can dial 911 from any phone, but a properly configured smartphone can connect you to help with the press of one button, set off attention-grabbing alarm noises, and even record the crime in progress and forward the video to the authorities.  These phones are lightweight enough to take on your morning jog or evening commute, and powerful enough to buy you a little security and peace of mind.

Turbocharge Your Working Life

Are you out of the office?  Don’t worry, you can teleconference, write to-do lists, and organize your schedule through apps.  You can access important files in cloud storage and edit Word and Excel documents.  Some phones even come with projectors so you can deliver a powerpoint presentation during those all-too-frequent times when the office’s clunky old projector unit is on the fritz.  You’ll never miss a step in the workplace with your trusty smartphone.

Streamline Your Life.

This advantage is life changing. The right smartphone has a built-in GPS and camera. Most come with a music player, alarm clock, and calculator functions.  Some have apps that connect to your bank, allowing you to pay for things without ever diggiing out a credit card.  Instead of toting around a bag of items and juggling a snarl of charging cables, you only have to keep track of one lightweight, portable device.

Stay Connected

Your family, friends, and co-workers may be scattered across the country, but you can keep in touch with them in multiple ways with a smartphone.  Calling them is just one option; you can also text, communicate through video, and keep everyone updated on your life minute-by-minute through platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


There’s never a dull moment when your smartphone’s at hand.  You can browse your favorite Youtube channels and enjoy the latest movies and television shows through paid subscription services.  For more active entertainment, challenge yourself with brain teasers and addictive games like Candy Crush,  or check out one of the ebooks written and formatted to be easily read via your phone.

Lifelong Learning

You can say that life itself is a learning experience, but smartphones certainly help.  There are an array of apps that can teach you everything from proper weightlifting form to French.  Smartphones can also give you access to a wealth of other information, from the ability to google trivia on the fly to accessing step-by-step home repair and cooking videos.  This one simple tool helps you grow into the best version of yourself.