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#1 Store for Game repair in Las Vegas

Are you a gamer? Do you love video games? Are you tired right now because you spent all night last night playing video games? Then you might have needed a game repair or two over the years to keep your console in perfect working order. And if you haven’t you will one day. That’s because gaming consoles are simply machines, and machines do occasionally malfunction. At Go Gadgets we are very familiar wih these issues because we are used to seeing the same issues over and over again. Whether you have an Xbox, Wii, Playstation, or a PC gamer, we are familiar with gaming consoles and their various subtypes. And in addition to fixing these problems, we also know where to get all the parts for the repair at the lowest cost. We can have your console fixed in no time! Thinking about bringing your game system in to Go Gadgets and having us take a look at it? Not a bad choice! Please feel free to call for directions.

EASTERN & RUSSELL 702.202.9506 5030
5905 S Eastern Ave #107
Las Vegas, NV 89119