Top 9 iPhone Security Apps for 2013

Everybody values their own privacy, right? So were you aware of the plethora of iPhone security apps available for the iOS? In this post, Go Gadgets, premier iPhone repair experts in Las Vegas, break down some of these apps for you to help you in your quest to secure your smartphone from the outside world.

Here are Go Gadget’s favorite iPhone security apps, in no particular order:



This iPhone security app keeps your pictures in the Photos app in a secure folder that is password-protected. It ensures that only you can see your private photos.

Cost: Free


Lookout Mobile Security

lookout mobile security

With Lookout Mobile Security, you can communicate with your missing iPhone over the internet to find your device quickly and easily.

Cost: Free


Dot Lock Protection

dotlock protection

This highly versatile iPhone security app allows you to utilize either the standard keypad entry, or the dot lock, which requires that you draw a pattern using your finger to unlock your device.

But even better than that, the app will file a break-in report for you, as well as take a photo of your phone’s thief, with a date, and even better, a GPS location of your phone! You can also hide your personal information with this app. Highly recommended.

Cost: $0.99


Foscam Surveillance Pro

focsam surveillance pro

While not an iPhone security app which actually secures your iPhone per se, it is indeed an iPhone security app, and one that we thought was both really cool and handy if security is a concern for you.

Cost: $4.99


1 Password Pro

1 Password Pro

This great app ensures that you won’t have to waste anymore time trying to find or remember your usernames, passwords, and even web addresses.

1 Password will secure your important information and automatically log you into the websites you use with a single tap.

Cost: $9.99


Webroot SecureWeb Browser

webroot secureweb browser

With this app you can feel at ease browsing the web securely on your iPhone device, especially when shopping or banking. It blocks malicious websites, uses tabs for browsing faster, and shows you which websites are safe for you to enter.

Cost: Free


Intego VirusBarrier

intego virusbarrier

Intego’s award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology detects and eradicates threats to your iPhone’s security before any damage is done. It provides you with an on-demand scanner which helps you validate, view, and save any e-mail attachment, and files (both on your device and in the cloud).

It protects your device against viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, and all known iOS and Windows malware. Highly effective!

Cost: $.99



gadget trak

Another great iPhone security app, GadgetTrak enables you to track your phone from any web browser. It provides your iPhone’s security with map points, longitude and latitude, and IP addresses to help you find your missing device. It will also snap photos of the thief!

Cost: $3.99

Fingerprint Security

fingerprint security

Not only is this app really cool, it protects your iPhone by using your fingerprint to unlock the phone! It also sounds an alarm and denies if someone else tries to open the phone using their fingerprint. Talk about iPhone security!

Cost: $0.99