The Hottest Phone on the Market?

Depends on who you ask… These days new phones are flying out of factories faster than ever. Now for a long time Apple was untouchable with their Iphone but other companies have done an incredible job catching up, namely Samsung.

So how do you choose your next phone? Is it the Iphone 6s, Iphone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Sony Xperia? Their is know obvious answer anymore. Each phone has its pros and cons. With similar capabilities many people these days are looking to durability as a measure of quality. Phones can be extremely expensive to replace and unfortunately some companies bank on that fact.

How many of us have dropped our phones and ended up with a cracked phone screen? Or went to turn on our phones one day and realize we have a broken Iphone or a Broken Galaxy S7? Unfortunately it happens all the time. With that in mind we have to consider durability when purchasing a new phone. In reality most of the smart phones on the market have similar durability. With competition increasing so much over the last few years companies can no longer risk making a less durable product to possibly increase profits. Now Samsung does offer a water resistant phone which sounds great but your more likely to drop your phone on the sidewalk and get a shattered screen than in the tub. So now we have to consider the durability of the phone screen and other components comparatively.

So which is the right phone for you? Well like so many things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter which phone you decide to buy you will likely have a broken phone at some point. Luckily there are other options out there than buying a completely new phone. There are phone repair shops that will usually repair your phone at a much lower cost. Want more information on which phone is better? Read the next issue which will give a full apple to apples comparison on the Iphone 6S vs. the Galaxy S7.