Smart Phone Repair

Do you need smart phone repair?  Well you have found the people you are looking for.   Here at Go Gadgets, we have a passion for buying, selling, and fixing Iphones, Androids, Blackberries, HTC’s and whatever other kinds of smartphones there are out there.  We tons of new components, spare parts, and accessories to make your phone the phone you’ve always wanted.

With our expert technicians by our side, we have been able to fix multitudes of smart phone repair problems throughout the years.  We are phone repair animals Las Vegas!  Rest assured that when you go with GoGadgets Las Vegas, you’re going with the best in town!  And at the best price, we guarantee it.

Since we are located in the center town, we are close to everything.  As we provide same-day service, drop your phone off while you are running your errands, come back in a few hours, and when you get back your phone should be ready for you.  Our address is  5905 S Eastern Ave, Ste 107, Las Vegas, NV 89119, right next to McCarran Airport.

You can also call/text us at 702-202-9506, or check out our  website at  Have an iphone?   Check out our iPhone repair page!

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