Awesome Laptop Repairs at Affordable Prices in North Las Vegas


800px-MacBook_AirLooking for a place to go for excellent yet affordable laptop repair in North Las Vegas? Welcome to Go Gadgets’, North Las Vegas #1 place for computer repair in town.¬† We can fix computers of all types of sizes, so don’t hesitate to bring your device and let us take a look at it. We are known throughout town as the premier iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas, and our exposure to every device imaginable has taught us how to fix any kind of electronic device, from laptops, desktops, tablet pcs, iPhones and Note 2’s. Having a problem with your laptop? Go Gadgets can help! And not only do we have the most experienced, talented staff in Las Vegas market, we also have direct sources for parts from Asia itself, which means we get large discounts on parts that average consumers can’t get, which of course we pass along to our customers. When you go with Go Gadgets, not only are you getting the top minds in laptop repair in Las Vegas, you’re also getting it at an amazing price.

If you’re having problems with your laptop computer, please feel free to bring your device to us:

EASTERN & RUSSELL 702.202.9506
5905 S Eastern Ave #107
Las Vegas, NV 89119