iPod Touch 3rd Generation Repair by Go Gadgets

The iPod Touch 3rd Generation is an awesome device that works just like an iPhone 3GS, with the same amount of RAM and the same CPU. However, like all devices, individual components can sometimes malfunction. That’s where Go Gadgets comes in.

We have all of the various parts and tools necessary to fix anything wrong with the iPod 3rd Generation repair. Whether your screen is cracked, you dropped it in the water, your phone can’t charge, or the touchscreen is not working, Go Gadgets can make it work for you.

We have two locations for your convenience:

5030 Paradise Road Suite B-202
Las Vegas Nevada 89119
One block east of the famed Las Vegas Strip, near UNLV, and McCarran Airport

633 North Decatur Road Suite G
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
Just off the 95 Fwy, next to the popular Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant Komex Express across from the Las Vegas Golf Club