Iphone 6S vs. Galaxy S7

Which phone is better? The Galaxy S7 or the Iphone 6S. Well if you go just by the number (no mistake by Samsung if you ask me) the Galaxy S7 has a one up on Iphone 6S. Of course that is not how we compare the two, it’s just an amusing note is all.

​Lets get started with the comparison.  We will start with the basic structure of the Iphone 6S vs. the Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: 7.9millimeters, 152 grams, metal alloy, glass front and back, IP68 certified, Black/Gold

iPhone 6S: 7.1millimeters, 143 grams, Series 7000 anodised aluminium back, Space Gray/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold

So the Iphone wins on on thickness, weight and materials.  I would have to say that design and structure wise the Iphone 6S takes the cake on comparison number 1. Now the design is all in the eye of the beholder.  However, based on the people we have talked to the Iphone 6S has a better feel with it’s light weight and thin structure.

Ok, round one done! lets move on to round two! Round two is performance

Samsung Galaxy S7: Exynos 8890 octa-core/Snapdragon 820 quad-core CPU, Adreno 530/Mali-T880 MP12 GPU, 4GB RAM

iPhone 6S: Apple A9 64-bit dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM

Well, not much of a question here people.  The RAM and chip on the Galaxy smokes the Iphone 6S.  However, I have a feeling they will do an iphone repair on the next version and make sure the performance is bulked up.

So now we are tied at 1 and 1.  Round 3 is drumroll please… Camera! Ding Ding!

Samsung Galaxy S7: 12-megapixel, phase detection, Dual Pixels, OIS, f/1.7 lens, 1/2.6″ sensor, 1.4 µm pixel, 4K video, 5-megapixel front camera

iPhone 6S: 12-megapixel rear camera, f/2.2 aperture, dual LED flash, 4K video recording, 5-megapixel front camera

This is a close call but overall the Samsung Galaxy S7 beats the Iphone 6S.  Both cameras are excellent but the Galaxy S7 has improved photos at night and during the day.

So the score currently sits at Iphone: 1 – Samsung: 2

We’re not finished yet though, we still have 3 more categories and neither phone does down easy.  Tune in next time for the continuation of the Iphone 6S vs. the Galaxy S7.

Whichever phone you end up with you can be sure that if you end up with a broken phone it will be expensive to fix.  A phone that expensive and of such quality does not come without it’s drawbacks.  However, there is good news if you have a shattered screen, a broken screen or need a phone repair for any other reason there are repair shops in town that can take care of it for 1/10 of what you would pay for a new one.