iPhone 6 Repair by the Pros at Go Gadgets


The iPhone 6 comes in two sizes, 4.7″ and the larger 5.5″, in an attempt to satisfy the demand for large screened iPhones. Go Gadgets are very familiar with the iPhone 6 line of smartphones, and have already taken it apart and put it back together again so that we understand the new layout and components perfectly.

So if you have the new iPhone 6 you can rest assured knowing that Go Gadgets can fix it faster and better than any of our competitors. We have tons of experiencing fixing all iPhone models, with all the parts, tools, and expertise necessary to fix any problem with the iPhone 6 that may arise. So if you require an iPhone 6 repair, please come down and bring your device to one of our two locations:

EASTERN & RUSSELL 702.202.9506
5905 S Eastern Ave #107
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Hope to see you soon!