The #1 Place to Go for iPhone 6 Plus Repair in Las Vegas


If you have an iPhone 6 plus, you are in luck.  Chances are it won’t break.  They are made to be durable.  However, accidents still happen, and repairs are still often necessary to keep your phone at 100%.  In that unfortunate case, please don’t hesitate to call Go Gadgets.  We are the #1 iPhone repair specialists in town, with a reputation with fast and affordable repairs.  Our team of expert repair techs have fixed hundreds of iPhone 6 Plus’ already, and have all of the tools and expertise necessary to fix practically anything that goes wrong with that phone.

We also have all of the accessories you might be interested in at our store.  Please feel free to come down to and check out our inventory of accessories to complete your phone’s look.  We are more than just your average repair shop!  We have couches, television, and soda to help you feel comfortable as you await your repair.