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If you’re looking for a tablet, the iPad Mini 3 may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Sized comfortably between bulky tablets and too-small smartphones, the iPad Mini 3 features Apple’s high-resolution retina display, integrated TouchID security settings and a sleek, thin and light format. Whether you want to check on work while abroad or just stream videos in your living room, the iPad Mini 3 offers all the functionality you could need at an affordable price.  And if ever need an iPad Mini 3 repair, Go Gadgets can help.

Lightweight, Attractive Form Factor

The iPad Mini 3 is a 7.9-inch screen measuring only 7.5 millimeters thick, making it perfect for those who want to be able to take their tablet everywhere. The iPad Mini 3 is small enough that it will fit into most small bags, and the thin bezel offers the most screen space possible for its size. With the lightning battery cable connections, the iPad Mini 3 also charges fast and holds charge remarkably well, making it even more well-suited to travel.

Secure and Convenient: TouchID Integration

Need to unlock your iPad Mini 3? Just tap the TouchID button and your iPad Mini 3 will log in automatically, both securing your iPad against other users and improving convenience. No more struggling to tap your pin code while you do other things; just a tap and you’re done. The integrated TouchID system can also automatically log you into a variety of websites and even allow you to pay for apps and in-app purchases quickly.

Safe, Stable and Versatile: iOS

As with all Apple products, the iPad Mini 3 runs on the secure, stable iOS platform and allows access to the extensive Apple iTunes store. While other tablets have access to app stores, most of them are neither as diverse nor as secure. iOS also has the advantage of being virtually virus-proof; compared to other platforms, there are very few viruses that the iOS platform are susceptible to. For those who want a tablet that they can use at any time without having to call tech support, the iPad Mini 3 is the perfect solution.

The iPad Mini 3 is available in three attractive colors — gold, space grey and silver — with both Wi-Fi and cellular data variants and different versions based on size. Major upgrades to the iPad Mini 3 from the iPad Mini 2 include the Touch ID sensor and Apple Pay integration.

iPad Mini 3 Repair

Are you an owner of this awesome device but need iPad Mini 3 repairs?  Don’t hesitate to bring your device down to our Las Vegas location and we’ll have your gadget fixed in no time:

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