Go Gadgets Provides iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

iPhone 6 Plus Repair Shop in Las Vegas

Most people agree that the iPhone 6 Plus is the absolutely best iPhone ever developed by Apple. With it’s big 5.5 inch screen that is both bright and high contrast, it is a mini-tablet sized smartphone that rivals the Samsung Note. It also has a better battery life that also rivals Samsung. The iPhone 6 Plus takes all the things that we love about the Apple iPhone and combines them with great things we love about other phones. With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is trying to get as close as they can to creating the perfect phone. Whether or not it is perfect is a matter of debate, but it is indeed an outstandingly well-engineered device.

Go Gadgets was one of the first in line to buy an iPhone 6 brand new so we could take it apart and understand it piece by piece. We understand the peculiar circuit patterns utilized by Apple, Inc. because we have worked on practically every single Apple device there is, from iPhones, to iPads, to Apple Mac Computers, and iPods (Every generation!). Nobody better understands how to repair an iPhone 6 Plus in Las Vegas than the Go Gadgets crew. We have probably fixed tens of iphone-6-repair-01thousands of Apple devices.

So if you require an iPhone 6 Plus repair, you’ve found the right place! Please feel free to call for directions or for any questions you may have:

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