Dropbox Android App

dropbox android appIf you have ever installed Dropbox onto your Mac or PC, you are by now probably aware of how awesome a service Dropbox is. Dropbox conveniently creates an easily accessible folder that can be accessed on any device that the Dropbox account is installed on. And yes, that includes Android smartphones!

Download Dropbox Android App here.

Why Use the Dropbox Android App?

Using the Dropbox Android App, you can now easily auto-update to Dropbox your videos and photos from any Android smartphone. It is a must-have for those who do lots of online posting of their media from their smartphones.

Many companies are utilizing the Dropbox cloud service for business.  It is consistently ranked as one of the best cloud storage services available for the price.  With apps such as Dropbox, saavy companies can deploy resources more efficiently, and make content more easily available to employees.  And now with the new Dropbox Android app, your employees can be even better connected to company content, and can distribute the content easier.

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