About The iPad Air 2 & Repairs


For those of you who have stuck with and kept up with Apple’s devices over the years, you know how truly an outstanding the iPad Air 2 is. Quite simply, it is the greatest tablet ever created by man. It is extremely light of course and, at .96 of a pound, scarely noticeable in a carry bag or backpack. It is 6.1 milimeters thick, but packs a powerful visual punch with a 9.7 inch display with absolutely stunning resolution at 2048×1536 with 3.1 million pixels. The iPad Air 2 is quite a bit faster than the previous iPad Air, with the new A8X chip clocking speeds 40% faster than the predecessor A7 chip. This translates to a 2.5 faster increase in graphics processing, making for truly amazing displays.

There are so many other amazing details about the iPad Air 2 to consider that are game-changing, such as the TouchID fingerprint app. This app creates an extra layer of security using your very own fingerprint as the key to unlock the tablet. It is the first of its kind on any tablet to date. In addition to that groundbreaking development, the iPad Air 2 has souped up camera setup: the amazing iSight camera. Apple’s newest camera app provides many new and fun functions to choose from, such as panoramic views, time-lapse imagery, slo-motion video, burst photos, and a stunning Facetime experience with HD quality visuals.

The iPad Air 2 is truly a breathtaking new development in the Apple line of products. If you’re looking for a perfect new gift for any Apple fans you may know, this is it!

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